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Nestled in the heart of Syracuse, Indiana, lies the captivating expanse of Lake Wawasee, a natural wonder that proudly claims the title of Indiana's largest natural lake. Encompassing a sprawling 3, 006 acres adorned with 25 miles of pristine shoreline and a mesmerizing maximum depth of 77 feet, Lake Wawasee stands as a testament to nature's artistry and a paradise for both locals and curious travelers seeking respite from the ordinary. Lake Wawasee features three marinas, yacht clubs, and a sandbar.

This aqueous haven is more than just a body of water; it's a dynamic playground offering a plethora of activities to indulge in, regardless of the season. Whether you're drawn to the thrill of aquatic sports, the tranquility of fishing (there are more than 20 species of fish on the lake!), the graceful dance of sailing, or the simple joys of a refreshing swim, Lake Wawasee caters to every aquatic whim. Even when winter paints the landscape, the lake's allure doesn't waver. You can still enjoy snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice boating, and the graceful glide of ice-skating.

Summers unveil Lake Wawasee's most vibrant and bustling chapter with activities at an all-time high. Sailing enthusiasts can revel in weekend competitions, while the heartwarming "Thunder Run" wooden boat parades grace the waters on Sunday mornings. Witnessing the dazzling fireworks display and Flotilla, orchestrated by the Wawasee Property Owner Association, is a quintessential 4th of July experience. The lake embraces spirituality with boat-in church services, harmoniously blending reverence and natural splendor from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Connected to Syracuse Lake, Lake Wawasee is truly a water lover’s paradise—but its beauty also extends beyond its aquatic embrace. It is partially surrounded by the Syracuse-Wawasee trail system, making it perfect for hiking, biking, or running, as well.

Throughout the year, Lake Wawasee transforms into a stage for cultural festivities and vibrant gatherings. From the rhythmic melodies of Park Rhythms to the local flavors of the annual Farmer's Market, the exuberant energy of the CruisIn and Carshow to the creativity showcased in art fairs and garden shows, the lake becomes a canvas of celebration.

There are three boat-accessible restaurants in Lake Wawasee: The Channel Marker, The Frog Tavern, and The Pier & Back Porch at Oakwood Resort. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, and live music. People can also try other eateries like Man Cave Brewing CompanyBoondocks “Home of Peterson’s Famous Fish,” Sleepy Owl Supper Club, West Main Kitchen, Kelly Jae’s Lakeside, Down Under, Huntington Street Bar & Grill, Louie’s Bar & Grill and Kiyomi Japanese Cuisine. Craving an exceptional start to your day with freshly brewed coffee and delicious breakfast options? Make sure to add Mugshots, Coffee Depot, and Brew City to your list of must-visit spots!

As the heartbeat of the local economy, Lake Wawasee proudly connects to esteemed employers such as Polywood, Parker Hannifin, Polar Kraft Boats, Travel Lite RV, and Colbin Tool Company, underscoring the lake's role as both a recreational oasis and a thriving community hub.

Additionally, Lake Wawasee unveils a tapestry of nearby attractions. The Amish Country offers a rustic charm, where visitors can spend the day at the Shipshewana flea market or auction house. Nearby Warsaw and Goshen also provide other entertainment options such as golf courses, theaters, and a diverse culinary scene.

The lake’s strategic location places it a mere 2.5-hour drive from downtown Chicago or Indianapolis, or a convenient one-hour journey from South Bend/Notre Dame or Fort Wayne. As you gaze upon the tranquil beauty of lakefront homes, you'll realize that Lake Wawasee is more than a destination – it's an invitation to experience life's grandest adventures against nature's most breathtaking backdrop.

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