Amelia Dement
Administrative Support
Amelia Dement
Office: (574) 268-0001
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Amelia is our friendly and dedicated administrative support and front desk receptionist. Amelia undertakes a range of vital tasks such as preparing paperwork and contracts, maintaining office hours from 10am-2pm, Monday through Friday; efficiently managing sign updates and placement, and lending a helping hand to the staging new listings. Her various essential behind-the-scenes duties contribute to the seamless operation of our team.

From the beautiful Kosciusko County area, Amelia has been a proud resident of this community her entire life. Recently graduating from high school, Amelia is dedicated to leaving a far-lasting mark on the community. While she's on her path to becoming a licensed real estate agent, her passions extend far beyond that. Her creative side shines through when she's working with clay to make pottery masterpieces, or when she's cozied up at home exploring new worlds through her favorite TV shows. However, her love for the local beauty truly shines when she embarks on evening rides around Lake Wawasee, where the golden sun paints the sky to make everything feel magical.