A Look Back at 2020: Gratitude and Growth

It seems like it was only yesterday when we welcomed 2020 with hopeful hearts. It wasn’t long though before we were all braving unprecedented circumstances that challenged our strength and resilience.

The world was brought to almost a complete standstill with the coronavirus pandemic. Vacations were canceled. Graduations and weddings were postponed. Many lost close friends and family. The economy suffered. Many lost jobs. We adopted new routines. We found new coping methods for work and schooling. Quarantine measures mandated people to mostly stay at home, wear masks, and maintain six feet of social distance at all times.

In the face of this new normal, we were brought back to the simpler things in life that have been taken for granted in the past. Paradoxically, the chaos brought order to our line of priorities. It reminded us to be grateful for our health and not take it as a given. We developed a deeper appreciation for our frontline workers who have fought to save many lives. This new focus also showed us the importance of home and spending time with family.

Before the year came to a close, America decided on the future of the next four years with a new president-elect. Hope and doubt will always be at odds, but now that the Electoral College has made it official, there is only one way to move: forward.

Undeniably, 2020 has been a unique, challenge-filled year. But more than the tests and hardships, it is how we grew through it that should be magnified more. This year has made us all stronger versions of ourselves.

There are plenty of new opportunities for those who decide to see the silver lining. Let's pack up 2020 with enthusiasm, gratitude, and growth and gear up for 2021! Although there have been many ups and downs, the solid real estate market has been the shining star in 2020 and is expected to shine even more next year. Now remains an excellent time for you to sell that home and follow your dreams. Are you ready for a new home to better suit the needs of your family? Having a secure and comfortable home base means having a place to treasure time with family and to create new memories.

Sellers saw excellent returns in 2020 and many buyers are still trying to find that dream home—now is an excellent time to get started! 

By investing in real estate, you are investing in your dreams. You will look back and cherish the memories made with family and friends, the long-lived traditions and values passed down to the next generation, and the financial security a real estate investment will bring you.

There are plenty of new opportunities for those who decide to see the silver lining.

Let’s shatter records, be bolder, and be our best in 2021! Let’s make it the best year yet! From all of us at The RGroup, cheers to new beginnings and a fresh new start!

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