About LaGrange County Lakes

LaGrange County is home to a stunning natural landscape, with the Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area, charming county parks, and an impressive count of 70 freshwater lakes, making up a fifth of Indiana's freshwater lakes. We welcome you to explore the charms of some of the most amazing lakes in LaGrange County.
Big Long Lake
Big Long Lake

Found in the southeast corner of LaGrange County, Big Long Lake spans 365 acres, offering a serene escape just north of Kendallville. With an average depth of 30 feet and crystal-clear spring-fed waters, it is one of Indiana's cleanest lakes. Big Long Lake is a haven for anglers, hosting largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch and redear. Aptly named so, this elongated lake invites water enthusiasts to indulge in tubing, swimming, water skiing and more. Boats traverse the lake counterclockwise to ensure smooth traffic flow. The lake's scenic beauty is magnified during sunrise and sunset, with the water reflecting the changing sky.

 Pretty Lake

Pretty Lake
Just beside Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake is a peaceful fishing spot with a 10-mph speed limit. Covering 184 acres, it boasts clean waters and is surrounded by approximately 230 cottages and lake homes. Public access is available on the lake's west shore, providing ease of entry. Pretty Lake caters to those seeking a serene fishing experience and leisurely pontoon rides. Big Long Lake and Pretty Lake are about 18 miles from Angola and less than an hour drive from Fort Wayne.


Westler Lake

Indian Lakes Chain

Located near the southern borders of LaGrange County, the Indian Lakes Chain presents a network of five interconnected lakes: Witmer, Dallas, Westler, Hackenberg and Messick. These lakes are linked by the Little Elkhart River, which starts in nearby Wolcottville.

Witmer and Dallas Lakes, known as all-sports lakes, cater to various water activities, including fishing, kayaking, skiing, tubing and wakeboarding. Witmer Lake, covering 204 acres, features a public boat launch and diverse fish species, including crappie, bass, bluegill, northern pike and catfish. Dallas Lake, a 283-acre beauty, features bass, crappie, bluegill, cisco, pike and trout. Pontooning and sailing are popular pastimes on Dallas Lake.

On the quieter side, Westler, Messick, and Hackenberg Lakes, considered fishing lakes, provide serene environments with limited boat speeds. Ranging from 42 to 88 acres, these lakes harbor bluegill, largemouth bass and black crappie.

The Indian Lakes Chain, just 45 minutes north of Fort Wayne, beckons nature enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of water recreation and scenic beauty.

LaGrange County's abundance of freshwater lakes invites exploration and relaxation. Whether you seek the tranquility of Pretty Lake, the spanning allure of Big Long Lake, or the interconnected beauty of the Indian Lakes Chain, each lake in LaGrange County tells its own unique story. Let these lakes' calm waters become the backdrop to your most cherished moments.

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