About Whitley County Lakes

Whitley County unveils a tapestry of lakes that enchant residents and visitors alike. Each lake with its unique charm and recreational offerings contributes to the county's allure as a lakeside destination – hop on in and let us explore Whitley’s scenic waters.


blue lake

Blue Lake

Blue Lake stands as a symphony of serenity, an escape from the everyday hustle. Whether you seek the thrill of fishing, the joy of water sports, or the peace of lakeside living, Blue Lake welcomes everyone to its shores.

Spanning 239 acres, Blue Lake offers great water sports and fishing experiences. Casting into the lake’s depths will reward anglers with a bounty of perch, largemouth bass, bullhead, crappie, bream, bluegill or pumpkinseed sunfish. Skiing and no speed limit are allowed on the lake from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Public access is available; however, a fishing license is required. 

The town of Churubusco is just two miles away from Blue Lake. Enjoy excellent food service at the Magic Wand and grab good, hot meals at Bevin’s Downtown Eatery & Lounge. For a unique grain-to-glass experience, visit Edwin Coe Spirits. The family-owned artisan distillery also has a bottle shop and a cocktail bar serving a variety of spirits including Old Coe Sour Mash, High Rye Bourbon, Rye Old Coe, Honey Old Coe, Rum, Barrel Aged Rum, Soft Gin and Vodka. 

Further exploring Churubusco, seek a leisurely afternoon with friends or experience the thrill of a competitive outing or tournament at Eel River Golf Course. The serene ambiance of meticulously groomed greens, towering majestic trees, and the tranquil countryside here will surely delight any golfer. It has several golf leagues that accept new players and are open to the public.

 cedar lake

Lakes at the Tri-Lakes Community 

The Tri-Lakes community is your gateway to an aquatic quartet: Cedar Lake, Little Cedar Lake, Round Lake and Shriner Lake. Cedar Lake spans 144 acres and has a maximum depth of 72 feet. Possible catches for fishing enthusiasts here are bluegill, largemouth bass and trout. Round Lake spans 131 acres and contains bluegill, largemouth bass and white crappie in its waters. Shriner Lake measures 120 acres and anglers may haul in bluegill, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed and white crappie.

Eight miles south of Tri-Lakes lies Columbia City, the safe and hospitable center of commerce and family life in Whitley County. Satisfy your culinary cravings at local gems like The Square and Brew Ha with their delicious meals, coffee and pastry. Escape to the tranquility of Morsches Park, where nature trails, playgrounds, and scenic spots provide a retreat for families and outdoor enthusiasts. 

 Loon Lake

Loon Lake

Discover the scenic allure of Loon Lake, situated eight miles west of Tri-Lakes. Spanning 222 acres, this natural lake has a maximum depth of 92 feet, nestled on the borders of Whitley County and Noble County. While much of its shoreline is graced by residential properties, the east and southeast sides unveil a charming tapestry of natural shoreline and expansive wetlands, creating a harmonious blend of vibrant community living and untouched beauty.

For those eager to explore, a public boat ramp in the southeast corner along Friskney Ditch, the lake's primary inlet, provides easy public access. Whether casting a line from the shoreline or venturing into the lake's depths, anglers are rewarded with largemouth bass and regularly stocked walleye and muskie. Loon Lake is also close to Columbia City – just a 15-minute drive south of the lake.

Other smaller lakes in Whitley County include Goose Lake, Robinson Lake and Old Lake, each measuring less than a hundred acres.
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