Toast to the New Year!

We have finally closed our books for 2021—but if you retraced your steps back through the year, what word would you choose to describe it?

For us at The RGroup, fantastically-crazy-good sums up our journey for 2021 the best. It has been a year of so many breakthroughs. We ended it with overwhelming joy and gratitude for having served over 147 clients, and hitting $58.9 million in sales volume!

These numbers are great but something we are most proud of is our behind-the-scenes systems. Our team is naturally progressive—focused, and always growing, innovating, and trying new things. Seeing our team hustle and come together to achieve goals, and celebrate our achievements together is nothing short of priceless.

There is no secret or shortcut to success. To get to where we are, we hustled, kept up with market changes, poured in massive amounts of hard work, determination and never-ending focus on providing excellent customer service. Our systems and processes help us standardize, and track statuses so we can focus on building our business. Most importantly, your trust fueled us on our path to become better and better in what we do.

Growing our business isn’t our only progressive mission. Our team is dedicated to giving back to our communities—and 2021 has opened opportunities and partnerships for us to make this happen. At the core of this milestone is our team’s heart in giving back. We were able to reach out to many because everyone was all-in for helping, and going the extra mile. We just love our work culture and crew.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our friends and families have been fabulous in supporting us, including sending us referrals. Our clients have been amazing to work with and we have many repeat clients now, along with their referrals. Our friends, family, and clients are some of our greatest treasures and best assets!

With a strong team that supports one another and who will do anything to help our clients and community, we are more than excited for 2022! 

It’s a great year to achieve your real estate goals. The market still has more buyers than sellers. Home prices will continue to rise, just at a slower pace. Although interest rates are expected to rise slightly in the spring keeping homes affordable. Buying a home is a good investment as prices are forecasted to continue to appreciate. Real estate is touted as a solid investment, and you can live in or rent/lease your investment–can’t do that with stocks!

For buyers, we suggest you get preapproved before you find a house as homes are being sold in 1 day, with multiple offers. We have lenders we can refer to you if needed. Cash offers are deemed best by sellers (as the appraisal can be waived). If you have a home to sell, list it now before you are ready to put in an offer. When you put in an offer, you should be prepared to consider including seller incentives so your offer stands out and is accepted; this might include waiving inspections, paying sellers closing costs and/or taxes, sending a personal letter, giving sellers additional time to move out, or using an escalation clause.

Now is a great time to sell, as interest rates are low and so is inventory. Working with an agent is always the best way to fast track getting your home ready to sell and navigating multiple offers!

If you’re ready to start the new year in a new home, you can count on The RGroup to serve you at the highest level, every step of the way. 

We have so many exciting things in store for you this year! We will continue to expand into Kosciusko and other counties to provide better service. We are also renovating our Warsaw office, and will have a grand opening in the spring. To show how much we appreciate you, we will be venturing into client appreciation events, and continuing to give back to our communities. To keep it real, we will also focus on life balance and plan more trips to relax and unwind as it's easier to give more when well rested.

We’re moving on to a new chapter, and a new year, but you can always expect our commitment to never waiver. We’ll bring more of the same to 2022—learning, growing, and breaking records.

Cheers to a vibrant new year, from all of us at The RGroup!

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